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E & M Welding Limited
P.O. Box 329, Wedgeport, NS, B0W 3P0
Tel: (902) 663-4444, Fax: (902) 663-2768
Webmaster: Daniel FeVens

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Elite Steering Systems

Hauler Plates

Heavy Duty Hauler Plates.
Made to use without liners.
14 Plates are 14 X 3/4 thick.
17 Plates are 17 X 3/4 thick.

Backing Plate

Solid 2 thick machined marine nylon backing plate for 14 hauler.

Stainless Steel Hub

Heavy Duty Hub with 1/2 flange and holes.
Made to fit 14 X 3/4 heavy duty hauling plates.
Also fits any style 14 plates.
Hub nose 2 long.